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Twipology is a garden generated from Twitter conversations using the hashtags whatever, system, control, radical, surface, cigarette, pink, raw, passage, abstract, kindergarten, su...

White Square Of

White Square Of

“White Square Of”is a pop-up exhibition of 50 objects, printed with a MakerBot over a week. The objects were all selected based on specific criteria: – availabili...



Rabota is a CNC machine on wheels that is uniquely controlled by sleep data. It is an erosion and subtractive machine that transforms sleep data into a physical alteration of a bed...

RAW app

RAW app

Based on the RAW project, we developed an iPhone app, where sound is recorded when still pictures are taken. In the case of RAW, more specifically, the system records sound continu...


Artist’s Talk at ISEA 2016
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I’m presenting my DDes research at the ISEA conference in Hong Kong on Friday, the 20th of May, at 4.30pm. My talk “Living in the Material World” will be presente...


Immigration: a chance
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Immigration should have a positive connotation. Yet, it’s used in the worst possible rhetoric. I’ve always seen immigration as a mitzva opportunity for the welcoming co...


  • Weather Desktop Project
    Weather Desktop Project

    The ‘Weather Desktop Project’ was created at the invitation of Copie Copains Club, a collective inviting artists to copy other artists. My proposal is a very localized ...

  • Upstairs

    Upstairs is an interactive sound installation that spread ghostly snippets of classic film dialogues in the staircase of an old cinema. It was commissioned by the Pixel Palace / St...

  • Abstract

    “Abstract” is an interactive installation on the theme of waiting and the perception of the time passing-by: inviting visitors in a space where the body and its movement play t...


Living in the material world
Living in the material world

‘Living in the material world’ is the current working title of my thesis that I’m conducting in the Doctor of Design program of Harvard Graduate School of Design....

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Interaction Design

Alain Ducasse
Alain Ducasse

Alain Ducasse, one of the most iconic French chefs, has built a business of more than 20 restaurants around the world, three luxurious inns, a cooking school, a publishing house fo...

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Data Across Scales
Data Across Scales

I’m co-organising a conference at Harvard GSD, April 17 2015. The topic looks at data across a range of fields: data-driven design, fabrication processes, urban studies, civi...

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Self Fabrication: a course
Saurahb Mhatre's Art of Motion

Last January, I co-organised with Kevin Hinz a J-term course called “Quantified Self & Fabrication” in order to assess ways we can use human-centered data as parameters fo...

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Ghisò is a brand based around the idea of Slow Luxury, showcasing a world of artisans, craft and time. The website presented products in a very elegant and minimal way in order to...

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